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DNA of crayfish spermatozoa as a target of waterborne pesticides - an ex vivo approach as a tool to short-term spermiotoxicity screening

Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2020


Biotransformation, genotoxic, and histopathological effects of environmental contaminants in European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.)

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 2002



Peer-reviewed papers from the  current year



Peer-reviewed papers


De Marco et al. 2022

Organ-Specific Changes on Metabolome Induced by Mercury in Wild Fish (Golden grey mullet Chelon auratus).

Animals 12:79


Almeida et al. 2021

The red seaweed Grateloupia turuturu prevents epidermal dysplasia in HPV16-transgenic mice.

Nutrients 13:4529

Ferreira et al. 2021

Red seaweeds strengthening the nexus between nutrition and health: phytochemical characterization and bioactive properties of Grateloupia turuturu and Porphyra umbilicalis extracts.

Journal of Applied Phycology 33:3365–3381

Silva et al. 2021

Organic solvents alter photophysiological and oxidative stress profiles of the coral Zoanthus sp. - towards an optimization of ecotoxicological protocols.

Science of the Total Environment 777:146072

Marques et al. 2021

Comparative genoprotection ability of wild-harvested vs. aquacultured Ulva rigida coupled with phytochemical profiling. 

European Journal of Phycology 56(1):105-118

Carvalhais et al. 2021

Mild effects of sunscreen agents on a marine flatfish: oxidative stress, energetic profiles, neurotoxicity and behaviour in response to titanium dioxide nanoparticles and oxybenzone.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(4):1567

Marçal et al. 2021

Intergenerational patterns of DNA methylation in Procambarus clarkii following exposure to genotoxicants – a conjugation in past simple or past continuous? 

Toxics 9(11):271

Veríssimo et al. 2021

Secondary metabolites from marine sources with potential use as leads for anticancer applications.

Molecules 26:4292

Ferreira et al. 2021

Effects of benzo[a]pyrene, cortisol and 17ß-estradiol on liver microsomal EROD activity of Anguilla anguilla: An in vitro approach. 

Applied Sciences 11(6):2533

Braga et al. 2021

Invasive clams (Ruditapes philippinarum) are better equipped to deal with harmful algal blooms toxins than native species (R. decussatus): evidence of species-specific toxicokinetics and DNA vulnerability.  

Science of the Total Environment 767:144887


Braga et al. 2020

DNA damage and oxidative stress responses of mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis to paralytic shellfish toxins under warming and acidification conditions – elucidation on the organ-specificity.

Aquatic Toxicology 228:105619

Teixeira et al. 2020

Hg and Se composition in demersal deep-sea fish from the North-East Atlantic. 

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27:33649–33657

Marçal et al. 2020

DNA of crayfish spermatozoa as a target of waterborne pesticides - an ex vivo approach as a tool to short-term spermiotoxicity screening.

Journal of Hazardous Materials 400:123300

Marques et al. 2020

Macroalgae-enriched diet protects gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) against erythrocyte population instability and chromosomal damage induced by aqua-medicines. 

Journal of Applied Phycology 32:1477-1493

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