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The Physiotoxicology Laboratory (FISIOTOX) operates, with this designation, since 2019, stemming from a functional subunit of the Department of Biologia of the University of Aveiro (UA) called “Animal Physiology/Ecotoxicology Sector”, founded in 1990 by Prof. Maria Ana Santos (Full Professor currently retired). This history endows FISIOTOX with the honorable legacy of the first research group at the UA, and one of the first in the country, to consistently develop work in the field of Environmental Toxicology. It is currently coordinated by Prof. Mário Pacheco.

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Our Vision

FISIOTOX develops its research in areas of interface between physiology and toxicology, adding skills and consummating an interaction between these scientific areas. The physiotoxicological approaches adopted aim at a mechanistic understanding of toxicology, valuing the potential of toxicological processes and contributing to counterbalance mainstream perspectives in the area, reducing the focus on toxicology as the science of problems and emphasizing it as the science of solutions.

This distinct epistemological position can be translated into the motto:

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